September 23, 2012

Crying is not for girls. Crying is not for boys. Crying is now about who broke up with who or who lost the level on Call of Duty. Crying is for anyone who has a functioning endocrine system. Crying is not the sign of being a baby or being overly emotional. Crying is scientific first and foremost.

The purpose of crying is to release endorphins and other chemicals and toxins that are built up in the body. The process starts in the brain where the system is notified that strong emotions are being felt. Not all of the time obviously, but most of the time the crying is due to negative emotions. Tears release endorphins to improve mood.

Sure, people cry when they are sad. But the brain is simply doing it's job keeping the body away from negative thoughts and states in order to keep the body healthy. Crying is simply a means by which to stay healthy and balanced. After a "good cry" homeostasis regains its balance to keep the body functioning at a normal and healthy state.

Cry. Cry all you want and as hard as you can. It makes you feel better. It is scientifically proven.

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