Falling Asleep

September 14, 2012
i am exausted and literellay falling asleep as we chat right here. Please check out the beginning of my recent column. i will be posting the rest tomorrow! (I apologize if there are any grammar mistakes. I am exhausted).

Classes have started and stress levels are high, but the anticipation of an exciting Saturday night cheering on my home team gets me through the week.

It’s the first home game of the season and my friends and I prepared by decking out 100% in Mean Green attire. We are talking t-shirts, hats, hair ribbons, face paint, the whole nine yards! Well, maybe not the face paint, but I can attest to the fact that some brave souls did indeed paint themselves in support of Mean Green. My best friend and I walked across the treacherous highway with the rest of the student body over to the new and improved football stadium where organizations and Greek life were already on their way to a fabulous tailgating extravaganza. Music was playing, the smell of fatty hotdogs filled the air, and green attire of all kinds consumed the area; it was nothing less than exhilarating. We met up with some friends on the UNT spirit team, Talons, and scored front row seats on the 45 yard line. It was going to be a good night regardless of the score.

While I understand the basics of football and I do enjoy watching the game, the most exciting part for me is the atmosphere. So much food, so many people, so much green. There is buzzing and chatting and cheering and the game hasn’t even started yet. 

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