Fresh Air

September 8, 2012

Sometimes all you need is a little breath of fresh air to put everything into perspective.

The days we face and the people we meet bring exhaustion. There are so many things we want to be and so many things we aren't. So many things we want to do, but just can't. There are so many hit the steering wheel and slam the door shut moments that often times the perfect moments are overshadowed. We will have extremely bad days and chances are we will have them a lot. Countless things will beat us down and kick our asses...

But sometimes all we need is a breathe. A breathe of undisturbed peaceful air that carries no previous recollection or voices, but nonjudgmental refreshers. A slight breeze with a hint of perfectly green grass to clear all confusion, to set my thoughts straight. Worries are taken away with the blow of the wind and I'm left fully awake with my eyes closed seeing the world around me in perfect clarity. A serenity passes over me, and the bad moments and the slam the door days and the kicking of my ass, no longer find away into my dictionary. Rather, I am left with perfect definitions of what my blessed life should like through the eyes of a grateful young girl.

A breathe, a breathe of fresh air. It's all we need.

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