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September 4, 2012

It's a back and forth game. Plenty of yes's but multitudes of no's to combat it. I stand by with honest words coming from my mouth admitting to what I think and what I feel and honest actions backing up those words; but there you are crumbling under the weight of feelings you don't dare to even think about touching.

Most people say and talk and think up all these wonderful things they will do and promise, but never follow through. Their words speak louder than their actions, while you love with every single part of your body and being... except your words. Those seem to trick you. Your body knows exactly how you feel, but your words are stopping you from admitting to them. I'm left standing here waiting desperately for those words to part your lips, but who knows... they may never come. I will not force them for nothing good comes from something forced. I learn to be more patient waiting for that moment of relief. But no matter what your outcome is, no matter what your decision, no matter what your true feelings I am here ballsy as can be, opening up and shrugging and admitting to what could be fatal but what is true.

But I would rather take a chance, than wonder what could have happened.

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