I'm Horrible at Titles but This One is About Magic

September 3, 2012


I think the thing that makes magic so magical, is the element of surprise. When something magical happens or when you are in the midst of magic, it isn’t expected. It’s totally random and takes you off guard. It widens your eyes as they dazzle in amazement at the sight in front of you, or it puts a grin on your face, as you never thought you would feel in complete bliss at the situation around you. Magic can be big, it can be huge, bigger than we thought imaginable. But magic can also be small like the wink of an eye or the comforting touch of a fingertip. It lights a world of pure joy and at the same time an overwhelming sense of peace; a certain peace that brings about hope. Magic that allows even the darkest of eyes to see only bright light ahead of them. And that in itself is magic.

Magic gives us that moment of pure and simple happiness to remind us that in a world where evil happens and sadness seems to reign, the happy and the beautiful and the peaceful do exist. It gives us that safety blanket every now and then to remind us that even if things seem down right now there is always an up. There is always a mountain where there is a valley. And the beauty of magic does that for us.

Magic is different to all of us. Sometimes magic is huge and visible for the world to see, and sometimes it is small and private just to give us a little boost. Magic is all around us, it’s all about letting it in. 

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