My Party is Better Than Yours

September 25, 2012

I'm too exhausted to spare feelings, apologies, but as a decently hardworking college student I would like to address the concept of "partying."

Now according to Urban Dictionary (the dictionary established for hormonally charged teenagers) the term "party" means "When everyone gets together at someone's house, get drunk, consume illegal substances like weed and coke, and trash the place completely."

I get it I get it, not all parties are like this. But it goes to show that a decent amount of the 15-23 year old age rage has this or a similar definition of party.

With this in mind rack your brain to remember the last time you heard the term "party," it was probably recent as going to parties is the greatest tradition, of sorts, of late teens and college students. Every weekend you will see kids with a beer in their hand and a blunt in the other partaking in an oh so exciting tradition that leaves the brain confused and lacking the appropriate amount of brain cells to function appropriately.

Now before you get your tiny panties in a knot and call me a hypocrite I will admit to partying myself. While most of my evenings demand my attention in my school books I can say I have been to the stereotypical house party where everyone is either drunk, high, or both and while they can indeed have an exciting atmosphere it is not something to be abused.

Partying is a privilege and if you abuse it, it will be taken away. But here's a little hint of friendly advice, if you are finally independent from your parents reign and you have the resources by which to completely fuck up your liver and your brain, please, go right ahead! You will be another glorious example to prove my point.  

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