September 28, 2012

Let me just say, that after a long week of stress and so many people I am perfectly content to spend a night on the couch watching whatever is on the TV with a cute puppy by my side and a Starbucks drink in my hand. Not forced to speak to a single person but only high pitched compliments to my canine friend.

I do have a social life I promise you that, but when they say dogs are a mans best friend they really mean it. A best friend you can cuddle with and talk endlessly to about your overlying emotional problems and have to take zero grief from. It is the perfect relationship: girl and dog. You can sing to them without them covering your mouth, you can cuddle with them without them getting weirded out, you can choose the TV show and hear no complaints whatsoever.

Just proving my point that later in life why have kids if you can get a dog?! Get a dog, forget the kids. I never heard of "crazy dog lady" but maybe I will be the first of the kind... I am perfectly okay with this.

Share your love with dogs below!

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