Selfishly Excited

September 24, 2012

I'm stressed and I'm tired and I'm frustrated and I'm bored and sometimes I just like to take a two minute break and complain about all of my small issues while there are starving children in Africa. This is self centered, I understand that.

Everything is the same day to day and smaller frustrating things simply pile on top to create a mound of unhappy faces and attitudes. There are very few things during the day that are motivation to wake up in the morning. It's the same tiring day over and over again.

I needed a change. I was practically begging for it. I needed something to happen to remind me that I shouldn't give up hope in the interesting facets of life but to remember that they are coming. That something happened.

It was another day in the office spent typing away at the computer when the picture popped up on my phone. Tickets. Ed Sheeran tickets. My brilliant beyond brilliant mother spent an hour and a half out of her afternoon to stand in line and act like a goofball to win me the most coveted tickets of the year, Ed Sheeran. The brilliant ginger hailing from the hallow depths of England finally shows his face to America and who is going to be one of the very few people who get to see it up close and personal? Me. I am one of those people.

Joy came over me in a wave of emotion that forced me to jump up uncontrollably up and down. I was to be in the presence of a role model, one who hit me in places not many people can. His perfectly constructed lyrics meander into your head and make you think. He is brilliant and I am sitting here at my desk chair literally bouncing up and down at just the thought of seeing him in person.

I waited for it and that something came. That something to give me hope that life is not a boring game of working and sleep.

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