The Ying to My Yang

September 19, 2012

She is 15. She is a sophomore in high school enrolled in all advanced courses and acing every single one of them. She is smart and hardworking, just like dad. She looks like him too. She is 5’2”; small and lean with dark curls for hair. She has that type of natural beauty that requires very little make up and only a soft smile to make it perfect. She is quiet but passionate, like dad, with a love for so many things; she just chooses to keep them to herself. She is strong though, independent and stubborn just like mom. She also has mom’s smile, one that just makes you happy to look at.

While at first glance you would think she likes to spend most of her time in her bedroom hiding behind a science textbook, her adventurous tendencies consume her thoughts. She is always on the run, exploring anything and everything she can. She understands life is short and that you have to take advantage of it; she understands it better than most people. She is level headed though. While sometimes her stubborn side forces its way out, she takes a breath and reasons with compassion and understanding. Even if she can’t relate to the situation, she seems to be the world’s best confidant.

She cares for her friends and has always proven to be loyal, but most importantly she loves her family. She loves them more than she lets on at times, but without them she would be lost. And without her they are lost.

She was given three days to make her mark on this world, and she did more in those three days than most people can do in three lifetimes. This is how I imagine she is here. But hopefully she is much better in heaven.

Rachel Anne Darling, the ying to my yang. You are sister and a best friend. You are forever loved and not once forgotten. 

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