Trash Sucks

September 15, 2012

Apartment Living Tip 1

I think I am going to start a series: Apartment Living Tips, because let me tell you I have just a few tips.  For those of you who don't know I have two roommates. Two wonderfully beautiful fantastic roommates, who, like me, are disgustingly stubborn and dread taking out the trash. I am sure many of you can relate to this. Taking out the trash is not in any way rewarding! Because before you know it three hours later the trash is overflowing again. All of the sudden your kitchen floor is covered in trash that won't be taken out for two days (hope that's not just me).

The trash needs to be taken out, but we all avoid the topic like that paper we have due tomorrow. Then there is that one person who decides to spit out "Okay, this trash needs to be taken out!" I don't even hear the words anymore, I just know when I start hearing circus noises in my head someone mentioned the trash. I promptly jump up and lock myself in my bedroom with an excuse like "oh I have to throw-up" or "oops, just got a call from the President, gotta take it."..... I don't think my roommates believe me  but decide not question me for fear of what I might do next. But some how no matter how many excuses I can up with like "I have a rare disease, if I touch a trash bag I automatically die," I still end up taking it out every single time. With a little help, but still I like to complain!

So if you have this issue of complete phobia of trash, make a schedule. Everyone takes turns taking out the trash so it will always be fair... I'm still gonna try my excuses.... I think they might work one day.

I have hope.

Trash sucks.

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