Warmth of That Stranger.

September 7, 2012

I'm cold. Freezing really. These sweatpants and fleece jacket just aren't doing it. Health wise my body temperature registers at normal, but in any other sense I'm cold. Cold from being alone. And being alone isn't bad, it's nice most of the time. It helps me concentrate on my future and my goals and the things I want to accomplish in life, which are the most important. But sometimes I just want someone there. Someone next to me in my overly large bed holding me against his warmth, not saying anything because words aren't necessary (such a contradiction coming from me, right?).

I just need that warmth, that comfort, that overwhelming sense of safety; while I'm wrapped up here in his arms nothing can get to me. Not the stress, not the pain, not the nightmares that haunt me every lonely night I spend. I want the feeling of falling asleep next to someone and I crave the notion of waking up to him the next morning.

Sleeping alone in that bed is fine, it is perfectly fine for this chunk of time in my life, but half of me lays here awake all night tossing and turning without a hand to hold or an arm to grab onto.

I want that warmth. The unique warmth of that stranger.

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  1. sometimes your writings are even better than usual. this is one of those times!