Bodily Retaliation

October 22, 2012

Sometimes in life all you can do is hope that you don’t pass out in the shower while washing shampoo out of your hair. And no matter how many times you blew out your birthday candles wishing “golly jee, I wish that I don’t pass out in the shower,” you still pass out in the shower.

But that is life I suppose; taking the unexpected as it comes and not letting it get you down. Every day we get things thrown at us; sometimes from all directions at once. And sometimes you just want to find a nice hole in the ground and sit there until all the stuff is gone.

But that’s giving in. That’s passing out in the shower. Do you know what happens when you pass out in the shower? You hit your head and end up in the hospital with a slight to major concussion.  No! You can’t pass out in the shower. You have to push through the dizziness to find solid ground from which you can rebuild.

Just because you may suffer under the stress from all avenues doesn’t mean you let it get to you or let it get you down. That means you fight that much harder from falling under the pressure and confusion.

No more concussions, but brave attitudes.

p.s. I almost passed out in the shower today… woops. 

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