Brave Fall

October 30, 2012

At one point or another we all spend a moment sitting on the floor with our knees pulled up to our chest, our head tucked in and our shoulders heaving from sob after sob. Defeated and hopeless we all wonder where on earth we are going to go from that point. How can we collect our bodies and emotions to make a decision or a plan of attack? Often times the answer hides itself and we have to wander through a myriad of emotions and irrational thoughts to come to one that picks us up and puts us back on our feet.

We often stumble and trip and get lost and confused because we chose a difficult path to travel on, but it will leave us that much more satisfied in the end; to have that knowledge after struggling, to be that much more wise about what this world can throw our way: good and bad.

The floor will always be there to comfort us when our legs and spine no longer have the strength to hold us up. The floor will always offer a stable place to land, a stable place to restart from. A constant from which we can bounce off all irrational thoughts and build the smart ones.

We all have those crying on the floor days and that’s okay. That’s brave, to recognize that everything is not okay and letting it all out to build yourself up again. That is one brave fall to the floor.  

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