Ed and Taylor: The Debacle

October 18, 2012

I wasn’t going to bring it up and express my disappointment, but it took me all of about two seconds to change my mind as I am extremely passionate about this specific topic.

Taylor Swift’s new album was leaked today for those of you who don’t know. I honestly don’t care, but with a Taylor obsessed roommate, news gets around. On her new album she collaborated with one of my favorite artists, Ed Sheeran. While I myself am not a Taylor fan I have been looking forward to the song solely to hear Ed’s beautiful voice.

My roommate ranted and raved about how wonderful and perfect the song was so I thought I should go check it out.

I think I cried a little bit.

The lyrics were extremely well written and every solo Ed part was beautiful, but I can say I am honestly disappointed. I tried to keep an open mind and give T Swizzle a chance, but she didn’t do it for me.

Her voice was high pitched, immature and frankly annoying and by the end my ears were bleeding. She attempted a falsetto that simply did not work for her voice even with studio tinkering. It was very reminiscent of our good friend Rebecca Black. Don’t get me wrong, like I said Ed was wonderful. I am a forever Ed fan.

But Taylor Swift truly ruined that song. It sounded like amateur wanna-be singers playing guitar and singing on photo booth and posting it on YouTube. I honestly can’t get over how annoyed that song made me.

For those of you who just got your panties in a not because I insulted your precious T-Swizzle… I’m not sorry. I’m not saying she isn’t talented because she obviously is, but that song was by far upsetting. How can someone as wonderful as Ed let himself record with her?! NO. STOP THE MADNESS.

I also lost a lot of respect for her as she started to go mainstream. Her classic country songs were precious and honest and now everything she does is trying to be as main stream as possible. Her attempt at “dubstep” in whatever that song is called literally made me want to puke.

Lyrics: Two thumbs up
Ed Sheeran: A thousand thumbs up
Taylor Swift: Every thumb down

I will listen to it a few more times to see if I all of the sudden have a change in heart since I am so fair and what not. But I’m sorry, no. I am at a loss for words right now. Please pardon me while I cry in my corner for the fact that Taylor ruined what could have been a beautiful song with Ed. 

If you haven't listened to the song yet then check it out below. Let me know how you feel...

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