Everything Makes Sense Now

October 2, 2012

As an author, as a human, as a personal guide to life, John Green has succeeded once again, in making everything make sense to me. Whether you like John Green or you don’t, or whether you have already seen this video or not, or whether you just don’t care or not- whatever. Just watch this video and all worries and question about your future will simply just slide away as if they never existed.

I’m not sure if it’s his trusting face or ability to make words make sense, John Green said it all perfectly. As a typical college student going through the ups and downs of choosing a major and career path, I needed someone to assure me that the options are limitless.

I have debated between minors and possible jobs coming out of college and all of the ins and outs and explanations to people, it becomes overwhelming and I start to doubt my future success and my future impact. My goals are so diverse and out there I always thought I was going to have to choose one to pursue. Just one and that would be it. I wouldn’t have time to do the rest.

But the beautiful thing about this day in age is that we don’t have to limit ourselves. I can be a writer, a traveler, the president of a non-profit and maybe even guest star on a television show. Who knows! But that is the perfect thing is that we don’t know, but we have the ability.

So, I am going to write. I am going to read. I am going to minor in Spanish and not Marketing. I am going to continue putting money into my small but prosperous “travel” jar. I am going to continue to grow my hair out because gosh darn it I want mermaid hair. I am going to study extremely hard in hopes of getting a 4.0. I am going to join every club imaginable. I am going to meet as many people as I can. All because I can. All because I am not limited to one venue or field. I have a world’s worth of resources at my finger tips and I am going to take advantage of them. 

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