Going Strong

October 9, 2012

I am sitting here doing massive amounts of disgustingly unimportant government homework when I realize it is nearly one in the morning and I haven’t spent time staring at a blank word doc yet. What?

Every now and then I contemplate giving up this whole blog thing. I know I know so hypocritical right? It takes time and energy and who really reads them anyways? It ends up being a personal diary that just accidently got “leaked” onto the Internet but some whiny teenage girl’s older brother. Granted I would like to think of my writings to be much better than that and I do put more thought into them than I would in a diary entry, but sometimes it seems so easy. To just not write anything.

I have been going strong since January 1, but it does just seem so easy. Is it really helping me? What will this really do for my future? My own parents don’t even read something that is so part of me. I should just give up.

But then I remember, who am I really doing this for? Myself. I am writing at least once a day every day because I love it and it makes me happy. And even those days when I have no idea what to write about I end up finding something and pounding hard on my keyboard to get everything out I want to.

I don’t write for my future (though of course I hope this helps), I don’t write for my parents, I do partly write for people out there in the universe because if I can help them or impact them with something I said, that would be a dream come true. But ultimately at the end of the day I write for me. I write because I absolutely love it.

So no giving up for me. I am going strong and nothing is going to stop that!  

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  1. Keep going strong Nikki dear! Writing is just one of the many gifts you've been given and what you write is a gift not only to yourself but to others as well.