I Found Youu

October 4, 2012

To all you lonely hearts out there desperately searching for a companion to relieve the sense of an overwhelming disconsolate life, patience.

Young lovers are always giddy to find love. It’s like a ton of mid 20 year olds rushing the doors of an Apple store when a new iPhone comes out. Stop! It’s okay you will get the phone eventually. But god forbid you have to wait a week to get that phone. An entire week! What on earth are you ever going to do?

Step up, be a man and learn to be patient. Searching and searching and hunting and looking for a girl/boy to fulfill your missing void is not an easy over night process!  And most importantly, you cannot control it. You have absolutely no say. No matter how much you think about it or want it or wish it does not mean your damsel in distress is not going to come in floating on a golden cloud.

She will come out when you are least expecting it. The second you stop looking for something it finds you. The quicker you realize you cannot control who you are going to meet and when, the sooner you are to find that special person.

And wasting your time looking for someone to make you happy is just that, a waste of time. Why go searching for something to make you happy when you yourself have the ability to make yourself happy. You r happiness and well-being and decisions is based entirely off of you. So don’t screw it up by wasting time and energy searching and searching. Just let it find you. 

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