In the Arms of Chaos

October 29, 2012

In the midst of a nail biting presidential race and in the midst of conflict and separation and divide among the American people, all of the sudden everyone is forced to just stop and stare. Winds thrash and water kills and there you will see the average American citizen glued to a television set taking in every little last bit of horror that strikes our nation.

Here Obama stops. Here Romney stops. Here the democrat and the republican and the independent; they stop. Because when America faces a disaster… when 215 critical care patients have to be carried down 9 flights of stairs in the dark to be taken to safety, when 6 million people sit in the cold dark, and when water envelopes anything that crosses its path… here we finally show what we are as a nation. 

Streets are pitch black with no hope of seeing light for days and families sit in silence wondering what is going to happen next. Here and now we no longer speak the words that we are united as one and we no longer recite jargon that has long gone lost its meaning, we finally unite as a whole to pray and to rescue those who need their fellow Americans.

Right now being a democrat doesn’t matter. Being a republican doesn’t matter. Hating Obama or hating Romney doesn’t matter one bit. What matters in standing up and giving yourself in aid to those who truly need it. And in that lies the true essence of an American; a dedicated soul to doing what is right, even though it may be scary or dangerous or even life threatening. A nation ever so divided in its quest to make it what everyone wants it to be stops to put all politics aside and unite to do what is right.

In the arms of chaos we are finally one. 

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