It's Hard Being Honest

October 8, 2012

It’s hard being honest.

It’s easy being honest about things you want everyone to know. It’s so easy to call that “being honest.” It is so easy to reveal feelings to someone that that you don’t truly value their response. What the other person would say; it really doesn’t matter, you just wanted to talk. That can be called honesty. We value ourselves so high by saying we are such honest people because we say and we talk and we tell what is easy.

Saying and talking and telling what it hard, that’s true honesty. Fearing or worrying about what the person might say in response, but still having courage enough to tell them; that is true honesty.

It’s not enough to just say things or admit what you’ve done or call yourself an honest person because you tell your best friend if they’re being stupid, no. Being open is not being honest. Being truthful is not being honest. Admitting to something or revealing a truth in the midst of what could be terrible repercussions, that is honesty. It is highly valued, but rarely found. 

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