Just a Phone Call Away

October 28, 2012

<--- Listen and Love if you haven't already.

I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how or why you choose to live in a world in which you fall asleep alone at night and wake up alone. You come home alone. You cook alone. You laugh alone. You smile alone. You admit that you’re lonely.

And the thing is you have the choice to do it all differently. You have the choice to fall asleep and wake up with someone next to you. You have the choice to laugh with someone and smile with someone and cook with someone, yet you choose to make yourself miserable.

You let yourself feel like you are stranded in some foreign world when home is just a phone call away. When comfort and warmth and company is just a single call. And you know that if you called you would not be left hanging on the other end.

Why not find your home in this lonely world? Why keep on living in a world that makes you miserable and unhappy? It’s not fair to yourself and torturing yourself isn’t going to make things better or draw attention or make things change. All of that is up to you. Up to you to find where home is.

Home is just a phone call away.

P.S. My wonderful brother is taking all of his brilliance and computer skills and creating me a totally kick ass blog. More on that when the time comes, but I am oh so excited.  

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