Kitties Make Everything Better

October 24, 2012

I seem to keep coming back to this subject, but I think it’s because it holds very true. Amidst loneliness and stress and headaches and overflowing planners, the little happy moments seem to make everything else seem less daunting. I could say it over and over again, but it’s so true.

When bad days run rampant you know that you just have to keep your mind open to the little details of your day that make you smile or make you laugh or give you a little bit of hope. Sometimes it’s the radio DJ playing your favorite song. Sometimes it’s a text from a best friend that cracks you up. Sometimes it’s dancing around you living room to crappy rap for 10 minutes. It could be anything, but it is those moments that you live for. Don’t live to make it to tomorrow, don’t live for the weekend, live for the right now where little things pop up all over to bring you hope and happiness when it seems like there is none.

Remember that. Remember those incy little happy moments that can change the fate of any day. They are important and they keep you from falling into a funk.

Also kitties help. 

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