Meeting Andy Grammer and Other Extreme Sports

October 10, 2012

This morning I woke up at 6:30, got dressed, and put on my cute cheetah print flats that have absolutely no support in them but are just so darn cute. In hindsight I realize that no matter how cute they are… I should have worn sneakers.

Who knew running up and down flights of stairs with video equipment would tire you out? Who knew frantically pulling on locked doors to safely harbor a celebrity from screaming girls would get one’s heart rate going? Or, or what about the moment you realize all of the golden footage you just shot was completely unusable?

But to prove I’m not crazy and that there is a reason for this, the wonderful man himself Andy Grammer, was a guest on the UNT campus tonight and what an interesting night it was for both him and for us.

His concert was perfect, the fans were wonderful, the night was magical and everything I thought it would be and more. But the behind the scenes drama is what really made the night one to remember. Sorry Andy, we know you probably hate us by now.

But the journalist always has to get the story. No matter how many times he/she must ask or chase or pester, the story must be reported on. And this one was not going to pass by unnoticed. Our footage was crap and our timing was even worse, but because even pop stars are still humble Mr. Grammer gave us the wonderful opportunity to shoot again… even after we accidently locked him out of the Union.

My feet are sore, my eyes are burning, and my head is pounding but this web show is going to be the best ever. And this night was one of the best. Thought he may never know, meeting Andy was the thing I needed, the push to get me through.

I am exhausted and decently incoherent of sleep deprivation at the moment, so full details and pics on the Grammer situation will come soon enough. But his kindness was refreshing and his music was even better in person. Thank you Andy for a night to remember.

Now time to soak my feet. 

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