Our Infinity's End

October 5, 2012

We so often tend to live our lives as if we have an infinite number of years on this earth. But our years here are numbered, and with every passing day our infinity ticks away until before we know it our infinity is up and our number of years has ended, and what do we have to show for it?

That we wasted time. That we were afraid. That we took so long to figure things out that before we knew it, it was too late. Our days are meant to be cherished and not wasted. Our days are meant to be full to the brim until they even begin to spill over the edge a little bit. They are meant to be filled with memories and experiences and not dull tales of giving in and giving up. But tales of fighting and continuing on even when it seemed impossible.

What do we have to show if we sit by and let the world happen in front of our eyes and take no action? We have nothing. We have literally wasted our lives by exerting no intent on exploring the magic and the hidden secrets that consume it.

Let the fears melt and let the adventures begin. Time here cannot be wasted but forced into giving us everything we want out of this life. Because it is a beautiful thing, no matter who you are. Life is beautiful. 

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