Our Little Victories

October 14, 2012

Our days would be hellishly miserable if we did not find the tiny silver linings amongst the dark sky. There are so many things to worry about and be concerned with on a day-to-day basis that with time they can destroy us. When they consume our thoughts we are no longer who we are, but rather a version that lacks strength and lets the difficulties break down our shields.

True strength is being able to take those awful happenings and transform them into some positive energy. Not to sound like a hippie, but you would be surprised how much some positive energy can affect someone. Even in the middle of a storm, it can brighten attitudes and create their ability to find the positive aspects of a situation.

Bad and annoying and awful and sad and frustrating things happen all the time. No one is a stranger to their harmful closeness, but somewhere deep down everyone has the ability to defeat them. Take the little things, take the little happy moments, the little victories to make way to win the battle. To conquer the negative thoughts that bog down what could be a beautiful life!

I learned something from The Office today. Michael was having an awful day. He felt hopeless, as if everything was going to fall apart. Pam suggested he make a list, make a list of everything he needed to get done that day. Start with the easy ones and work your way up to the hard ones. With each task completed you gain a little more confidence, a little more hope. And what happened? Michael and Pam started their own paper company!

Trust in The Office. It works. And remember the little victories are what help you with the battle. 

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