Setting Out for Normalcy

October 12, 2012

I think I jinxed myself when admitted that I was craving a tiny slice of normalcy. Maybe just a few days during which I could relax and not think about much besides the couch I was sitting on and the movie I was watching. But of course when I ask for normalcy, life throws a nice chunk of “odd as fuck” at me.

Granted I would normally take this for a spin and create an interesting story out of it, but all compelling story routes have escaped me and I am left with a myriad of annoying situations.

And for once, they are annoying situations that I have absolutely no control over fixing. While I thought this was a good thing it has proven to be quite frustrating. I would like to just whip out a want and fix my tooth or sucker punch the kid who scared my government class, but those are rather unrealistic goals. Because like many other tough situations, I can’t control these ones! I just have to accept them… that’s going great so far.

Maybe there is a lesson. Maybe there is a reason why on earth I am plagued with the most unfortunate of situations. Everything happens for a reason I know that, but I’m still waiting for the reason as to why I’m being tortured. 

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