Short Stories and New Projects

October 11, 2012

If I could only begin to describe the roller coaster of a week this was I would, but I can’t… so I won’t. There was very good and there was very bad and I think I am going to get motion sickness if this ride doesn’t end soon. (Like my metaphor?) Regardless there is an upside.

It is new project time. And by project I don’t mean the scary one my Journalism professor assigned (which you will read at some point) but a personal project. One of my own thoughts. As you all know I recently met the famous not so famous Andy Grammer. He is a singer, but the advice he gave is still applicable:

 “Shut up. Stop talking about doing it and just go do it.”

Well alright, Andy! It is long overdue that I keep saying I’m a writer and that I want to be published and have people read my books, I need to actually do it. My resolve? Find a project. A plausible one that I actually have the ability to complete in a reasonable amount of time.

I thought and I pondered and I thought some more and I pondered some more. Short stories. There was my answer. Regardless of how interesting my life is or not I always seem to manage to have a story to tell. So instead of making up all new stories, why not just tell a few of my own instead?

I can write on and on about these events and moments and create a giant compilation of hilarious Nikki brain that is sure to entertain some folks. Here I come ladies and gents.

It’s #ShortStoryTime (yes I did use a hashtag. Get over it) 

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