Silver Linings and Other Extreme Sports

October 3, 2012

I'm tired. Hungry. Emotionally drained. Scared beyond belief because I watched Paranormal Activity 3... bad idea. But regardless here is what I have to say. I'm too tired to type anything else :)

You know how in the movies there is always that typical older wise person who reminds the young struggling protagonist that there is always a silver lining to any terrible situation? Well as much as I would like to say I am above getting all wrapped up into movies, but I’m not. I get totally wrapped up and I connect with the characters and I let myself become invested. So when the older person says look for the silver lining I take that personal, as if that person was speaking to me (not demented I promise).

Granted, I am the ultimate thrower of pity parties (they are always a rage) but I do realize that at some point the bittersweet festivities must end and the real world is waiting right outside the door to give me a nice smack in the face. After I have received my lovely smack I realize that living in an environment of pity and sadness is going to get me-NO WHERE.  

So, “when I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.”(How I Met Your Mother). I throw the best damn pitty party a person could have then I wake up the next morning and face the music. The music that sings about all the terribly bad or mildly bad things that seem to be infecting my life. But the best part of it all get ready here we go- is that there is a silver lining. It is often hard to see because it is hidden behind a darker more evil line. But regardless it is there. Those old folks on Disney Channel taught me that. Look for the silver lining and when it finally reveals itself it makes us feels as if all the bad and terrible and misfortune melts away like yesterdays ice cream. The good eventually outways the bad but with out bad how could we understand good? 

Thank you TV, for giving me that encouragement I needed to find that damn silver lining! 

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  1. "all the bad and terrible and misfortune melts away like yesterdays ice cream"