The Dirty D

October 25, 2012

Welcome to sketch town USA where half naked people demonstrate in 50 degree weather and no one is surprised if they hear gunshots.

Denton, Texas ladies and gentlemen. I cannot say that Denton is bad place to live. The indigenous peoples are down to earth and always willing to have a chat. There is no shortage of restaurants or hole in the wall record and bookstores. But when a 19-year-old college students worries about walking 20 feet from her car to her apartment door at 9 o’clock tonight, it may be time to reevaluate current conditions.  

Like mentioned above, no one is surprised to get an alert from the university saying there has been some sort of crime committed, but when two men with guns target girls in their apartment parking lots at night, the time for concern has arisen.

Of course, one could always buy pepper spray or a tazer to keep on their key chain, but compared to a gun and two guys who want your money (or worse), you might as well just run like hell. One would think that having a policeman patrol the hallways of your apartment building would bring some sort of comfort level, but considering four apartment complexes have been hit within a week and a half, it somehow just seems unsettling.

This is no attack against the police department, but you would think with detailed descriptions of the men and a good idea of what the escape vehicle looks like the mighty police would but their brains together and find a way to catch the men leaving the young college girls at ease.

But until that point, I will sleep with one eye open and work toward getting my concealed handgun license. Maybe I should just take up the case and catch the perpetrators on my own time.

I’m tired of worrying about getting a gun held to my head at nine o’clock at night 20 feet from my apartment door. Oh well, one more excuse to never leave the couch.

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