The Hottest of the Hot Barista Boys

October 7, 2012

There is something about being a coffee barista that makes men ten times hotter. Maybe it’s their ability to make me any delicious beverage I crave or maybe that they always seem to smell enticingly like coffee. For whichever reason they are just hotter.  I have touched on this subject before in my Starbucks Sitdown series and continue to fathom the notion of hot baristas.

Because I spend half of my life and my paycheck at Starbucks, naturally, I enjoy making friends with the hot baristas. I have figured out a little wink or a toss of the hair can get you a free drink or free pastry pretty darn quickly… not that I know from experience or anything…

On to story time:

It was chilly out today and my best friend and I decided to go to Starbucks for a nice hot drink and some study time. I order my drink, grande caramel macchiato with soy. The soy because my body decided to be difficult and be lactose intolerant; no milk for me. Turns out they were out of soy, well crap. The cute barista boys offered to make me some concoction of coffee with the words espresso, Americano, pumpkin spice, something something that didn’t have milk in it. So, I said okay. They offered to refund me but I didn’t feel like putting them through the trouble. So instead, after much coaxing from all of the hot barista boys, I was given a free pastry. I think the words one barista used were “You are going to eat, and we are going to feed you!!!”

I sat down happy and content with my pastry and the hottest of the hot barista boys hand delivers my drink and apologizes for not having soy. I thanked him, smiled and took a sip… it wasn’t disgusting but…different than what I was used to.

My friend and I began to study and chat and every now and then I would catch the hottest of the hot baristas looking at me. Of course I was looking at him, I mean he was the hottest of the hot baristas. But why was he looking at me?! My hair was in a ponytail, my make up was not having it, I had not showered that day, and was wearing an oversized shirt that probably made me look 10 pounds heavier than I really was. Hmm, I must have had something on my face.

About 25 minutes past when the hottest of the hot barista boys visits our table again, this time with a different drink.
“We ran to the store and got some soy so I decided to make you your right drink since I noticed you weren’t drinking much of the one you had.”
How sweet! I smiled and chatted back and forth for a minute thanking him profusely for his kindness and he smiled back and walked away.

I continued chatting with my friend when not two minutes later he makes yet another stop at our table. He asked me how my drink was and I said delicious and we chatted about some things. I honestly don’t remember what though because I too distracted by his stunningly hot barista face. We exchanged smiles and giggles. I was waiting for him to at least introduce himself, I had to know the name of my savior of a barista, but alas, he never did.

My friend and I departed ways with the hot barista boys as they shouted for us to come back and exchanged goodbyes with words like tata. We are getting into my car as the hottest of the hot barista walks out of the store to leave for the day. We take one last look at each other and I drive away. He was regretting not introducing himself.

It was an interesting evening at Starbucks I have to say. One can never get enough of the hot baristas….

Or the free coffee

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