November 6, 2012

I have gulped down a total of 8 cups of coffee today and am still prying my eyes open with the jaws of life. How is this real life? I suppose that’s college for ya. Welcome to all nighters and an addiction to coffee.

But regardless of my massive amounts of homework assignments and pressing stories that need to be written, I made time to watch the election. Before you get in a huff, I am not going to express my political opinions because they are mine and not everyone else’s.

But regardless of who won and regardless of who I voted for, I continuously remind myself that everything happens for a reason. For a reason that is beyond my control and understanding Obama was meant to be reelected this year. And I trust that since he was reelected he was meant to be and I cannot argue with that. Over the next four years lessons will be learned and wars will be fought and America will continue to be America just as has always happened.

Everything happens for a reason. And for the next four years as I grow and mature along with the nation I will remember that. I will be frustrated at times and I will be happy at times but through it all I must remember that everything happens for a reason.

With that I said I am going to make yet another cup of coffee in hopes of finishing this article with something I am proud to turn into my teacher. Wish me luck! 

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