A Chance at Life

November 5, 2012

I normally don’t talk about politics because it separates people and while I think it is inappropriate to go around slamming candidates and while social media isn’t exactly the place to express explicit views on politics, I feel as if I should say something because it hits home with me.

Abortion is a widely debated issue amongst candidates. There are a lot of extremists on this issue. And while I would not consider myself an extremist, I have a strong opinion.

Regardless of how a baby came to be, it deserves a chance at life. Just like you and just like me, that baby is growing and its heart is beating and it feels pain and emotions just the same as you and I.

And how fair is it that some babies barely live at all and have their life taken from them due to premature birth or stillborns or miscarriages or cancer. How is it fair that a child, so ready to be welcomed into this world, has to die for a reason we will never be able to control. And another child who is healthy and has a full life of work to do on this planet gets a chance at life taken away because someone doesn’t want it or someone made a stupid mistake and doesn’t want to deal with the consequences.

We have been given this gift of being able to create life and there are so many people out there who abuse that gift.People take life for granted. People think that if they don’t want that baby it deserves to be gone and they think they have the right to take life away.

Those people don’t understand what it’s like to look at a precious breathing baby girl and three days later see her in a casket because she was too sick to make it. I think if they saw that, they might think twice about abortion. Because if their child has the ability to make it, has the chance at life… who are we to take that away? 

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