At the End

November 4, 2012

Funny how far we’ve come. Funny to look back three or four or five years and realize how far we’ve come and how different we are. How we’ve grown and what we’ve learned.

It’s so important that at the end of a road, to remember all of the steps and all of the turns it took to get there. It’s important to see the end, but recall what the beginning was like too. Because there would be no end– rather you would feel no accomplishments, if you didn’t have to travel along a bumpy road to get there.

Remember where you came from and what you have done along the way because that will make every accomplishment that much more memorable and that much more special.

Everyone’s road is patterned with thorns and rocks and holes, and turns and hills and cracks but you learn to accept those things and you learn to live above them and you grow to understand that there is more to the end of a road than finding the end. 

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