November 24, 2012

You know you’re doing it wrong when you find yourself hiding behind a rack full of paint cans in the middle of a Wal*Mart. Out of the short life I’ve lived I have done enough damage to create the exact amount of enemies to continuously haunt my waking and sleeping moments. Unless a move to a far away country is in the plan anytime soon, I am stuck living in a perpetual game of hide and seek in which the enemies always seem to find me in my most bizarre hiding places.

In the Wal*Mart home and garden center, in the Target parking lot, in the Starbucks, the side of the road, no matter where I seem to hide out I end up turning my head to be face to face with a six headed snake.

I wish I had a great story as to why I didn’t want to see these people. That maybe by badass tendencies took hold and I kicked some serious butt, but alas that is not the case. I wish I could say that it was pain staking and took some work to royally piss these people off, but alas I just let them slip right on through… and that part wasn’t hard.

So here I am hiding behind a rack of paint cans in the Wal*Mart home and garden center avoiding what would so naturally be the awkward situation of the week. I face palm over and over again realizing my stupidity and my immaturity at the situation. This cannot go on. A couple things I learned from this encounter.

1) Be nicer to people

2) Don’t let people fade away

3) It’s only awkward if you make it awkward

4) Paint cans aren’t the best disguise…

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