Being Stupid and Getting Fat

November 9, 2012

Too bad it doesn’t all come easy to me. I think if it did I would be the fattest laziest person known to man. I would fill in a few bubbles on a scantron, type up a paper in nothing flat to resume my excessive eating habits and tv watching to still have a 4.0 with jobs lined up for the rest of my career. How nice would that be?

I wouldn’t have to spend half my time studying and the other half working to earn mediocre grades and a dead end job with no published book and an amateur blog that no one follows. Huzzah. I wouldn’t put any effort into anything and I could lay around in a beach house all day with some hot boy delivering me smoothies and coffee drinks all day long. I would be smart, rich, famous and fat as all get out. Wouldn’t that be nice.

It sounds good to you too doesn’t it? But of course I’m sure you are like me and even when you seem to put all of your effort in, you still don’t see the responses you want. It’s very disheartening. Sometimes I feel like giving up. Often times I do. I accept what I am and what I won’t be.

But I never stop to think of what I will be. Or what I can do if I kept giving it everything. I may not ever be rich. And I sure as hell won’t ever be smart. But I have my common sense and a story in my head and that’s enough for me.

But I have to say I would rather work hard and earn something than for it to just be given to me, where’s the fun in that? Where’s the fight?! Everything seems so much more rewarding and special if a fist is thrown (a metaphorical fist of course). I’ll punch those lazy fat people in the gut as I run right past them to first place while they are standing dead last.

Here’s to being stupid and working your ass off. We got this. (I still might end up fat though). 

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