November 21, 2012

After a day of packing, class, work, and a long drive home I finally began break how it should be, doing absolutely nothing. I shopped a little I ate a lot and I hung out. Perfection.

I finally got around to watching the new Disney movie Brave. When I saw the preview for it I was extremely stoked that there was going to be a movie about a badass red haired chick. It took me until tonight to see it and I definitely enjoyed it.

Animation was great and there were some great comedic moments that got my entire family to crack up. This one ended up being a bit more dark than the other Disney princess movies, but I think it struck a new chord with the audience that Disney princesses never really have before.

My only critique is that I would have strengthened the plot a little bit more to make it more engaging and less confusing back and forth but I think overall it was a great family film that the kid and the parent alike will enjoy.

But it has a good lesson and some great one liners to keep the audience engaged even after the film is done. So if you haven't done so yet, catch Brave! Disney is definitely doing some great things here.

I'm off to finish my John Green book (which I will have a review for very soon) and prepare myself for the day of feasting that is awaiting me tomorrow. So good night! And Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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