Deep Breath

November 22, 2012

Heart beat is racing, the clouds all around are turning dark, and slowly they seem to fall closer and closer until I’m trapped. I turn this way and that looking for a hole, a bit of light, a way out but it all feels useless. My head is spinning and my heart is beating so fast it might actually break itself right through my skin.  Hands are shaking and the tears began to flow as I become far too aware of my surroundings.


I close my eyes to calm the shaking and the racing, but to no prevail. With every second I think the faster my heart goes, the quicker my blood flows, the harder my hands shake, the deeper the tears flow.

No reason, no answer.

I close my eyes again, this time even harder. I force my mind to go blank as I take the slowest and deepest of breathes. I muster all the strength I could possibly have and push the walls around me away until I am in the open and the air. Where nothing can entrap and enclose me, but I can take off at any time.

Another deep breath. Push away the racing heart and fast breathe. Call in the calm. No matter what it will all eventually be okay. 

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