Drop It Like It's Hot

November 3, 2012

 Local college girl drops it like it’s hot in her Sun Drop costume at the Halloween party of the year.

FINALLY. My dreams and wishes from all these years have come true. I dressed up as the Sun Drop girl for Halloween. Most of you are thinking, isn’t too late for a Halloween party? Yes, but no. Because this party was off the chain.

So many young ladies out there use Halloween as a chance to dress up as someone not themselves in the most provocative way possible. I am not confirming nor denying this is okay; they can do what they want. But you really want to get the party started you have to have a slamming costume that will keep people entertained, but make them want to ask questions.

This is where the sun drop costume comes in. Not only do people have inquiries as to what soda I am representing, but when it comes to being the life of the party… I keep the people entertained. Play Drop it Like it’s Hot and you best believe I was not leaving the center of the dance floor with all the eyes in the room on me.

It really is the perfect combination between comfy costume, conversation starter, and center of attention. This could have not turned out more perfectly. 

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