Ed Sheeran... again

November 28, 2012

Nothing extraordinarily fantastic has occurred lately, but every little thing that could happen to make a person happy has happened.

The weather is beyond perfect.

I have read two books and am on my third in a matter of two and a half weeks.

I put Christmas lights up in my room.

I am going to do well in all of my classes.

I have downloaded mega bites on mega bites on mega bites of new music. A person cannot feel down or upset when they have new music. Especially when that music is Ed Sheeran.

I know what you are thinking, who is this Ed Sheeran guy and why is some random girl on the Internet constantly blogging about his perfection in the art of music.

I will put links below, but Ed Sheeran is the epitome of talent. 21 years old writing songs that full grown adults could not even imagine putting together. With every word he sings he punctures you in a place you didn’t even know you could have feelings in.

Unique tune and brilliant lyrics, this young man commands a room with only his ginger hair and a little guitar. There aren’t flashy lights or back up singers or a bassist to set the tone or the drummer to give a beat. Nope. This one man brilliant band sells out gigantic venues and captures the hearts and minds of thousands of people with just his words.

He isn’t superficial. He doesn’t play by the rules of Hollywood. He plays music the way it should be, from the heart and for the heart. And by no means is he going to sacrifice that.

Slow songs, fast songs, sad songs, happy songs; his album covers the moods in the most bizarre but uniquely intense means imaginable. Day after day I listen to his same album over and over and over again, because it never gets old. It doesn’t sell out. His music will forever have a voice.

So please, check out his tunes below. He has done some pretty cool stuff in his lifetime and I’m excited to see what more comes out of young ginger man.

(I think I need to start labeling and organizing my rants about Ed Sheeran. Because there are way too many to keep track of)

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