I Don't Understand Idiots

November 19, 2012

This world baffles me sometimes. Amidst the population of people who are bright, intelligent and actually have some sort of basic common sense, there are people that quite honestly have no business making decisions on this planet. Their sheer lack of ability to utilize the beautiful gift that is their brain is completely mind-boggling.

Situations in which a half way intelligent person would be able to make the right decision in a heartbeat seem extremely difficult to others; and of course because of their lack of ability to make a decent decision they choose the decision that is so inexplicably idiotic.

If half of this universe took a freakin minute to consider “hmm maybe I’m making a bad decision here. Maybe I should reconsider for just a second to make sure I’m making the correct one.” So simple, yet so effective! You will be astonished as to the half way intelligent decisions you are making.

Coming from an imperfect person in an imperfect world who like many people makes bad decisions sometimes, it’s not worth throwing away the gift of your brain.

Stop and think about your decisions and your priorities and how they affect you future and the people around you. You might actually think twice for once. 

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