Little Lights

November 25, 2012

My room is on its way to catching on fire by means of the massive amounts of Christmas lights hanging about. Overhead lights have been turned off and the only thing that illuminates the room is the sparkling glow of white on white lights that are so reminiscent of the falling snowflakes I so wish would accompany this time of year.

Their beauty distracts me leaving me to ignore my previous priorities and lists of homework and chores and to do’s to cuddle up with a pen in my hand and a notebook by my side dreaming out a different world in which the lights were snowflakes and lists were non existent.

The air outside is cold and shrill but is somehow welcomed. I sit and observe its harsh ways from a bright and crackling fire. Around me, the arms of someone so caring and warm. My head on his chest with no reservations, perfect moments for a perfect season.

Bright and sparkling, those lights bring a little bit of perfection to this dull world and bring a little bit of the picturesque world to this bland one.

They make me yearn for peace and warmth and little things that no other time of year can promise. 

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