My 15-Year-Old Self

November 8, 2012

The coffee shop buzzed with the sound of high school scene kids and the hum of the espresso machine. Converse and sharpied vans scattered the floor near the back. A boy with shaggy hair and a guitar piddled along as a similar looking boy dabbled on the piano next to him. Content faces panned the room as they were filled with the calming fumes of coffee.

She walked into the coffee shop with hesitation. The swoopy hair, the sharpied vans, the deep v necks, the addiction to coffee, it was all new to her. She previously identified with the mainstream crowd. The mainstream crowd that pretended not to exist in the long hallways of school; a person that walked the exact same walk as everyone else, or so it seemed.   

Fortunately for her, she seemed to blend right in to the crowd as she took a seat on the floor and began tapping her fingers to the beat of the song. She ordered a fancy coffee drink with very little coffee and mostly chocolate and caramel syrup and gazed the room taking in every little detail. It was like observing a new species of animals, quite fascinating really.

They all understood that if you were friends with someone or dating someone you had a beaded bracelet of their name on it. The girls all babbled on about what type of black eye liner lasted the longest and the dudes talked about their girlfriends or their extremely unique music tastes.

It was also understood that no matter how happy and content you were there listening to acoustic music you were required to maintain some level of disinterest. Many of them show this by letting their silky straight hair hang across one eye. Oh no, she was associating with a ton of Cyclopes.

But they were all there, so how miserable could they really be?

The fun lasted for a while until the band ended and the viewers all went their separate directions. She went home with a sense of adventure, she had no idea these people actually existed. What is screamo music? What's indie? Why do they all like coffee? Why is every single person wearing a v neck? She thought men just wore those under their shirts...

And who knew that people actually hang out at coffee shops for fun? 

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