One Direction Infection- Little Things

November 2, 2012

I am not entirely obsessed, but must admit to a guilty pleasure of mine. I have been infected, by One Direction. I’ve been sick with this infection for quite sometime now and just can’t seem to shake it, so I’ve just begun to except it as a part of life for me.

This infection is forcing me into typing these words out to you right now, but something important has arisen and we must simply talk about it. One Direction has been leading up to the release of their new album called Take Me Home. Most of you have no doubt heard the top hit Live While We’re Young as of course it is on constant replay over the globe.

The boys’ new single, Little Things, was released on Monday and immediately took fire. A good friend of the band and one of my favorite artists Ed Sheeran, collaborated with them on the song to help them write it. The song took fans and listeners by surprise as it wasn’t their typical poppy sound they normally stick to. This song is touched with perfect little melodies and the strum of the guitar to create a more personal and relaxed feel with the audience.

Tumblr posts and Tweets from all over the world express the love and absolute obsession fans have with the new single:

“My ovaries are exploding!!!!sthjgfndgfncvgj”
“My body was not ready for that!!!!”
“Harry Harry, give me some of your gravy!”
“All of the feels!!!!!!”

 Who knows, maybe the boys will even turn some Undirectioners into Directioners with this song.

Though I do have a bias toward the Fab Five, I must say that not everything they do is gold. In fact much of what they do isn’t gold they just know exactly how to market themselves. But this new single shows off each boy’s individual talent and connects with the audience at the same time.

If you haven’t heard it already, I suggest you check it out. You won’t be disappointed! 

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