Out of Sight, Out of Mind

November 27, 2012

Maybe I’m crazy
And maybe I’m hasty
And maybe I’m a little bit of a hypocrite

But I’m standing here in front of you not saying a word. Because I know that there isn’t one that would change your mind.

We were a blank piece of paper with few words written. A chance to write something so different and captivating, but instead the devil of fear tore us to shreds. Fear those words wouldn’t fit and scared those words wouldn’t make sense. Too scared to even try.

Your heart wanted something fearless and wanted something easy, but instead your eye found the difficult and the scary.

All said and done, it’s easy to forget. You removed yourself from the situation, and I finally did too. But still even now you find your way back, and all of those late nights and endless texts returned.

So I’m sorry for saying things I shouldn’t. And I’m sorry for complicating things. But in the end it was you not me.

I stood strong with my heartache but my honesty, while you walked away with your freedom but also your shame. 

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  1. one.of.those.nights.where.its.even.better.than.usual.
    ahhhhhh. <3