"Paper Towns"

November 13, 2012

The amount of emotions I am feeling right now is inexplicable. For all of you readers out there I have the post-reading-empty-but-insightful feeling at the moment. I just finished reading a fantastic novel, and not just any fantastic novel but one written but the oh so brilliant John Green.

This time? Paper Towns. Before I continue on I suggest everyone read this book. Even for those of you who are not big readers, you will still likely enjoy it.

I began reading the novel thinking I wasn’t going to like it. I didn’t feel an instant connection to any of the characters and I felt bored. But because of my undying love for John Green I decided to continue on and give it a chance. I am so glad I did.

I love reading. Simply for the thrill of hearing a story that is out of the ordinary, but also because it makes me think. And with every single word he writes, John Green makes me think. And this novel more so than others.

It wasn’t about some huge event or debacle that made it interesting but a bunch of little ones. A bunch of little notes and lessons that make little ping in your head to signal the thought process churning.

The book was about adventure. About love. About family. About friends. About growing up. But most importantly I think it was about understanding one another. So often as human nature dictates we jump to conclusions. We judge a book by its cover. We speak before we think. And we never truly take the effort to understand the people we surround ourselves with. We take them at face value and don’t even bother to take a look into what really makes that person who they are. Faults and strengths included.

John Green makes an interesting point in his novel that I think sums it all up. We assume we know who these people are. We project what we think they should be through our eyes and onto them. And we never really realize that we made that person out to be who we wanted them to be.

And for the nugget of it all, we never truly see a person for who they are until we have cracks. Until we can look through our cracks into their cracks to see the light behind it all. With our cracks in our hard exteriors we finally see glimpses of who that person actually is. And we grow to love them for that. Even if it’s someone totally different from who we thought.

The book was about love and friendship and human nature all tied into one brilliant storyline. I’m still in awe.

Thank you one again John Green.

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