Post #2

November 5, 2012

I'm full of words today!!

I wanted to give an update about the article I posted a couple days ago. I wrote a profile story for my journalism class. It was about a very close friend of mine who has been through a lot but is doing a lot with her life. I sunk about 7 to 8 hours into a three page article because I wanted it to be perfect. With bad grade after bad grade from this professor I thought surely I must have done just terrible. But with hands shaking and heart beating I turned my graded paper over to see that I got an A. WOOO. I nearly cried I was so excited. My tough shelled teacher loved the article and bragged about it to the department. I feel special.

I am going to edit a few things and she is going to help me publish it in the school paper. Just felt like sharing.

After feeling like maybe I wasn't a great writer after all, I cracked the shell of a hard ass turtle. Hard work and little bit of raw seems to pay off.

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