Red Cups

November 12, 2012

It was chilly and cozy today. I wrapped up in sweat shirts and blankets and snuggled in with a mug of hot tea (oh how cliché). It’s that time of year again and I am so beyond thrilled. Because apartment living robs me of the opportunity to have a fireplace I made a click click click and my fireplace app on my Mac made a reappearance (though I got some funny looks from my roommates).

But I digress… I feel as if I spend a good amount of my time describing the current weather conditions and how they make me feel. But hey, if I am feeling some sort of emotion I take this as a good sign that I am indeed not a robot and decide to roll with it.

With the chilly weather come boots and socks and scarves and gloves and hats and all manner of blankets. Hot cocoa and tea and coffee and cider seem to make a little bit more sense. And I feel no shame in staying in all day with a blanket wrapped around me and a good book in my hands. It means endless amounts of deliciously rich foods. And of course the lights.

When I finally have my own place I am going to be that person who puts up Christmas lights the day after Halloween and keep them up until Valentine’s Day. Christmas lights make everything better and make everyone happier and bring an even greater sense of magic to the whole holiday season.

There are carolers and carriage rides and snuggling and giving and all of the little things that just make me giggle inside. Mistletoe and little kisses and hugs and love. So much love.

Nothing makes me happier than the Christmas season. The thing I love about it the most?

Starbucks has red cups. 

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