Serious Case of Wanderlust

November 26, 2012

This girl right here has developed a serious case of wanderlust. Starting point, boring town USA. Destination? Everywhere else. Between classes, work, homework, sleeping, reading, writing I still find myself day dreaming about a world in which I could break away from the daily grind of habits and social norms to do something extravagant and crazy but perfect and life changing.

Take a trip to Mexico. Or go hiking in Colorado. Or hit up Niagara Falls. Maybe visit New Zealand. A trip to Spain would be cool too. And Ireland of course. And England. I would go there first.

So amidst the ins and outs and disgusting cookie cutter schedule of a girl doing the whole college thing, I am still not really here. But in a thousand other places. So instead of making myself miserable doing the high school to college to job to marriage to family to death thing… I would rather make it interesting…

So damnit, I am going to. I don’t exactly know with what means I plan on getting myself over to London to study at Oxford for a semester, but when there’s a will there’s a way. And by golly I sure do have the will… so hopefully soon I will find the way.

I will stroll about the streets of London. Ride the trains the British do and eat the food. Shop the way they shop and most importantly drink tea the way they do. And along with getting an oh so important education from studying journalism out of a book, I will make connections for my future and experience a world totally different from my own. 

But most importantly I will finally be able to graduate onto a whole new level of experience crafting my way to a novel. One that hasn’t been thrown together by staring out of an apartment window. It will be written from experience and passion and love for the world we live in that we hardly are able to see.

Watch out world, because Denton is becoming just a little too small for this girl here. 

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