Success v. Happiness

November 15, 2012

Here I am cozied up in fleece pants and matching top in front of my computer screen displaying the crackling stylings of my fireplace app. My hair is still wet from one of my famous extremely long but incredibly relaxing showers. I’m curled up trying to take a deep breathe and get my head above water with all of the overwhelming factors of growing up.

Finding happiness and being successful being some of those factors. Myself and I’m sure many others as well, struggle with coming to terms what it feels like to be happy and what it means to be successful.

So long I’ve been stuck in a rut feeling constant pressure from all angles on finding success. I am honestly not even sure what success means anymore. I keep telling myself that if I get the grades and the connections and the right internships and the right business clothing and the right jobs that I will just wake up one morning and be successful. Either that or I will be on an eternal hunt for success and never truly find the happiness we humans spend our entire lives searching for.

I have convinced myself that when I find this “success” I will finally be in a state of pure happiness. Until my name is known or until I have 16 books published and run a non-profit and travel the world on a weekly basis will I finally be happy.

And while those all sound great, and while all those things are characteristics of a generally “successful” person… who says I HAVE to achieve those to be happy.

Finding success and making the money and having the title don’t translate into happiness. Happiness is when you go back to the base of who you are, what you love and what you love to do and you do it. Only then will you find a homeostasis between success and happiness.

Because in my opinion, once you find happiness you have achieved the ultimate level of success. 

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