Thanksgiving Games

November 7, 2012

Exams are finished, the election is over, papers are complete which means I can concentrate on what really matters, Thanksgiving. Thank the beautiful Lord for Thanksgiving. Because of course it symbolizes America’s freedom and independence, but let’s be honest here people. We all like it for the food.

Waiting until December 25 for a feast is a feat I am not equipped to challenge with my current level of food craving. Sure I get to spend time with my family and all of those people, but the reunitement is between me and that giant bowl full of seasoned mashed potatoes with loads of butter. And of course I can’t forget about turkey. Sweet, delicious, dark turkey, how have a lived without you?! And the gravy! Dearest gravy I have not forgotten about you for you are the uniter of us all. Covering all in a warm fat filled blanket of pure goodness and joy. And the rolls and the salad and the green beans and the cranberry sauce and the stuffing and the carrots and the pies. OH THE PIES. Pecan, pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, cherry, chocolate all topped with a light layer of whipped cream spewed right out of the can!

I must prepare myself. Keep my metabolism high and my knife and fork skills sharp. There is no room for error this year. Let the 2012 Thanksgiving games… BEGIN. 

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