The Holidays

November 23, 2012

I've felt to boring lately! All I want to do is sleep and whatever part of me comes up with the great ideas to blog about has obviously taken an extended vacation. I apologize for my lack of oh so entertaining blog posts. I feel something awesome coming though so give me a couple days and you will be in for a real treat.

Also, I think I need to go out more. I can't blog about my awkwardly hilarious social situations if I don't go out. But until I get my life together and put on my big girl pants here is my coffeeless ode to the wonderful holidays...

I wish every day was a Holiday. I wish that every day people were willing to stuff their faces with delicious foods and not worry about the calories. I would grab a book and a perfect corner and spend hours there without thinking about what else I could possibly be doing.

Everyone would have to be nice to each other because it is the holidays for goodness sake, no arguing, no fighting, just happiness.

We could all spend hours looking at old photos making fun of our fashion choices back in the day. We could talk about the future with the most open of minds believing anything could happen, because I mean it’s a holiday. You can’t have bad thoughts on a holiday.

No one would have to get in the car. We would all just be forced to spend some time with each other knowing everything would be closed!

Lots of TV and lots of books and lots of food and lots of laughs and lots of time. Time to spend with family and friends in the brightest of attitudes.

I wish every day could be a holiday, that would be good with me.

Also that means… no class. 

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